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    Health Care info for DHs

    Representation Card

    If you would like NABET-CWA representation in your workplace, fill out the card attached to the link below , print it out and send it to:


    501 3RD ST., NW 6th Floor

    Washington, DC 20001

    If you would prefer to recieve further information by email you can email us at organizing<AT> or call us at 212 757 7191.




    The late Brendan McCabe, a long time ABC-TV audio operator, was remembered with a plaque installed in his honor in TV-3. Many colleagues, friends and family attended the ceremony held on Friday, January 30, 2015.


    Payment in Lieu of Vacation

    Each person hired on a daily basis more than eighty (80) days in any calendar year, shall receive annual vacation pay in an amount equal to 4% of such employee's straight time rate of pay for all straight time hours worked in that calendar year. Each person hired on a daily basis more than two hundred (200) days in any calendar year, shall receive annual vacation pay in an amount equal to 6% of such employee's straight time rate of pay for all straight time hours worked in that calendar year.
    This will be payable by separate check by February 15th of the following year.

    Payment in Lieu of Pension

    For those Daily Hires who work more than 20 days in a calendar year the Company will contribute an amount equal to 4% of their straight time rate of pay for all straight time hours worked in that calendar year. Contributions will be paid by separate check to the CWA SRT by February 15th of the following year.

    When workers have Unions, they have a clear path to getting health care, sick days, basic safety precautions, and better pay.

     2011-17 Master Agreement now available on pdf



    Unit 1: WABC-TV (ALL), Network Radio, Local Radio, Publicity, Talent/Telephone Coordinators, TV and Radio Network Desk Assistants

    Unit 2: Technical Directors, Light Direction Engineers, TV Audio Engineers, Video Control Engineers, Video Tape, Video Tape Library

    Unit 3: Network TV Studio/Field

    Unit 4: Network ENG (Field, Editors and Maintenance), Electronic Graphics, Graphic Artists

    Unit 5: TV Master Control (including News Acquisition Center, Central Switching Control, and Network Control Center), SMAG, Network Technical Maintenance, DMC Maintenance, Traffic



    Union Plus

    uplusUnion Plus was created by the AFL-CIO in 1986 to help unions recruit and retain members and to provide union members and their families with high-quality consumer benefits and services. Each program is carefully researched and developed by a team of experts. They do all the homework and negotiate the best deals using the financial clout of the more than 13 million members represented by AFL-CIO unions. Through this affiliation, Union Privilege is able to offer benefits of much greater value and quality than members can generally get on their own. Because Union Privilege carefully monitors each program, members get prompt, courteous service and high-quality benefits - as well as help in resolving any problems. Visit the Union Plus Benefits page for detailed summary of some great union negotiated discounts on a wide variety of goods and services.

    E-mail updates

    Free Class on Demand training for NABET members


    The cost of the shirts are:

    $33 - Sizes Small thru X-Large
    $36 - 2 XL
    $37 - 3 XL
    $38 - 4 XL
    $43 - 5 XL 

    Call the Local 16 Office 212.757.7191 to purchase.

    NABET Local 16 is a benefit that has been added to the CWA/NETT Academy program. Participating members have completed over 3,300 movies that comprise over 250 courses. The leading course titles are in Excel, Digital Video, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, PHP, Visio and AVID Express. Other courses available include Joomla, Twitter, Moodle, Final Cut, Premier, Dreamweaver and Groove. CWA/NETT Academy is now offering members and their family access to hundreds of titles on as a complementary benefit of membership. Participants will get 2 weeks of access to the site and will be able to participate in any of the courses. Please send an email to lynda(at)

    If you plan to take the Final Cut Pro course offered by BURST, it is recommended that you take the Lynda tutorial first.

    Books of Interest:



    ABC photo archives full story...

    Retiree Luncheon photos full story...


    sbe Local 16 will reimburse members in good standing who pass SBE Certification Exams for the cost of their first year's membership in the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Local 16 encourages its members to participate in this program to the maximum extent possible. Contact the Local 16 office if you have any questions.


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